Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to Indus Miniatures!

This is blog has been set up so people know how to order my miniatures from my other blog ( as well as to get the name brand out there. I intend for INDUS MINIATURES to cover India from 1650-1850. This is a temporary page set up up for ordering until my actual website is complete and online. I am shooting for sometime in August.

*Please note this will be for the most part a static website just for ordering. All workbench updates will be done via

Regardless you can order via this blog using paypal.

Below is how they are being packaged and sold. There are pictures of all the miniatures on this blog - But if you have questions please contact me at marinesc2001(at)

Cost - US Dollars
Singles - $2.00
3 Pack - $6.00

Flat Rate Shipping
USA - $6.00
Canada - $13.00
Everywhere else - $16.00

Product CodeTitleDescriptionPackagingCost
IND01Hindu/Indian Militia3 different poses w/ sword shield3 pack$6.00
IND02Hindu/Indian ArcherStanding Archer 3 pack$6.00
IND03Hindu/Indian ArcherKneeling Archer3 pack$6.00
SEPY01Sepoy MarchingEarly Sepoy Marching3 pack$6.00
SEPY02Sepoy FiringEarly Sepoy Firing3 pack$6.00
SEPY03Sepoy "At the ready"Early Sepoy "At the ready"3 pack$6.00
LDR01Leader Leader standing sword raised/no armorsingle$2.00
LDR02LeaderArmored leader/chainmail over facesingle$2.00
LDR03LeaderArmored leader/helmet with pointsingle$2.00
LDR04LeaderMilitia leader sword raised/looking backsingle$2.00

How to order?

  1. Send an email with the product codes, quantity and your location
  2. I will confirm and send you a total
  3. Payment can be made via paypal to marinesc2001(at)
  4. When figures arrive/or if in stock I will ship them off
  5. I will send email letting you know they have been shipped
Thanks for every ones support during this project. I have a lot more on the way.

Maratha Infantry are next!


  • These are NOT suitable for children under 14 years of age. There are NOT toys.
  • Miniatures are made of white metal
  • All miniatures are supplied unpainted
  • Some assembly maybe required - mostly shields 
Thanks Ashok

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